Traceability management

We provide traceability management technology in various fields with our unique structure.

Consulting service

Education and consulting on ISO 22000 Food Safety Management, HACCAP · HALAL certification acquisition, etc.

Research and Development

Approach from both sides of software and hardware to realize "you want good" and "such a thing wanted".

What is Trace Corporation

Trace Co., Ltd. began as a company engaged in certification consulting and export support of Malaysian Halal Certification Organization in May 2016 with the goal of “Delivering good Japanese products to the world!”
* Company name changed from Japan Halal Standard Co., Ltd. in December 2017.

However, a big problem occurred.
It is a matter of contamination (pollution occurring during production and transportation) during shipping and storage for Halal products.
So we developed a traceability box that eliminates the possibility of contact with an abominable substance.

This traceability BOX was created with the aim of delivering products safely to many people in the Islamic area by responding to transportation and parcel delivery services of Halal products.

However, not only Halal products, but also voices that we want to use it for prevention of allergies such as gluten free and organic, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and expensive products have increased much.
We have changed the company name so that more companies and organizations can use it as a result of more inquiries on products other than Halal in Japan and abroad.